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> "Paula Lieberman" wrote:
>> Um. Humans -generally needed tranquilizers, and hani, too... there are
>> exceptions, however--see the fourth Chanur book, and Tripoint, regarding 
>> the
>> exceptions... though in the first Chanur books, I seem to recall that one 
>> of
>> the abuses visited on Tully was putting him through Jump with no 
>> medication.
> It's a common trope in SF that involves jump-type drives.  Sometimes
> it's just living intelligent bengs who (mostly) can't cope with the
> higher-dimensional transition; sometimes even the ship's electronics
> have to be shut down to a minimal level.  We see this in the
> Vorkosiverse where most people are somewhat debilitated by a jump,
> some (e.g. Helen Vorthys) take it very badly, and some feel almost
> nothing at all (and this is taken as a marker of a potential jump
> pilot).
> What I've wondered is: why?  What is it about this high-dimensional
> operation that affects (some) conscious minds but doesn't cause
> physical damage?  Why, in the Vorkosiverse, are some people much
> more strongly affected than others?

Literary convention, and idiosyncratic implementation thereof by writers. 

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