[LMB] Can Non-Vor become Vor?

D. Reed teluekh at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 2 05:57:05 BST 2009

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> wrote:
> > Could some non-Vor who did some
> > extraordinary service for the Empire be raised up into
> the ranks of
> > the Vor? 
> You mean, aside from marrying him?

Yep, marrying in seems to be the usual way.

On the demographic level, a lot of the reasons for creating new members of an aristocracy had to do with older families dying out. On Barrayar, where the birth rate is well above replacement even (especially) in the aristocracy, and any family that wants a son can have one, I don't see the aristocratic families dying out any time soon. 

Aral and Ezar pretty much had this conversation in the novel Barrayar, right? At least at that time, making a non-Vor male into a Vor wasn't done. 

The one way I can see it happening (barring serious reforms to the Vor system) is if a Vor adopts a non-Vor as his heir. For instance, Rene ends up still being Vor at the conclusion of the Vorbretten case despite lacking male descent.


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