[LMB] Can Non-Vor become Vor?

Michael R N Dolbear little.egret at mrdolbear.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Apr 2 14:08:50 BST 2009

> From: D. Reed <teluekh at yahoo.com>
> Date: 02 April 2009 05:57

> Yep, marrying in seems to be the usual way.

> Aral and Ezar pretty much had this conversation in the novel Barrayar,
right? At least at that time, making a non-Vor male into a Vor wasn't done.

But still legally possible.

 ch 15 SoH/ (CH) 
" ... We're only Vor because some dead Emperor declared one of our dead
ancestors so. Why not start the custom up again, as a reward for merit?
Better yet, declare everybody a Vor and be done with the whole bloody
nonsense forever." 

> The one way I can see it happening (barring serious reforms to the Vor
system) is if a Vor adopts a non-Vor as his heir. For instance, Rene ends
up still being Vor at the conclusion of the Vorbretten case despite lacking
male descent.

But he was the male line descendant of Counts (father and grandfather) who
also used Vor without objection. The availability of genetic testing may
have introduced the need to disallow things beyond living memory.

Since you don't need to be Vor to be a Count's heir (Lord Midnight) the CoC
might even request that the Emperor raises any who are not to that rank.

Little Egret in Walton-on-Thames

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