[LMB] Can Non-Vor become Vor?

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The usual way someone has been raised to the nobility outside of
marrying in has been Othello's way, "He has done the State some
service." (Not that Othello was ennobled, either. But many and English warrior before, during, and after Shakespeare's time was.) This apparently fell into disuse in the later part of the
Time of Isolation, and was clung to during and after the Ending of the
Time of Isolation, but since the Vor claim to be a warrior caste, it's
really time to revive the custom. Why? Because when so many great
warriors are non-Vor, either their claim to be a warrior caste and not
an aristocracy, or their habit of exclusion, becomes ludicrous. 

Of course, claiming that one must be of the blood to hold some office has historically resulted in such things as the Earl of Mercia acting as a de facto king (late 9th Century) but never, ever, in a million years, being called so, not being of the royal blood.


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