[LMB] Can Non-Vor become Vor?

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> It seems fairly obvious that at some point way back in
> Barrayar's history the Vor were invented. This is
> clearly a noble/warrior class title similar to what appeared
> in our own middle ages (and elsewhere in other cultures). 

Textev in 'Mirror Dance': 'Count' is an abbreviation for 'Accountant', and 'Vor' means 'thief'.  Specifically, the Vor started as the Emperor's tax accountants, in charge of gathering the Empire's yearly revenue.  The 'Vor' bit explains what the commons thought of them and the warrior bit comes from what they had to do to keep the taxes they were collecting.

I don't think the European mediaeval model is what you should be thinking about here.  Early US railroad barons and how they've morphed into today's US upper class are what springs to *my* mind.

> Could some non-Vor who did
> some extraordinary service for the Empire be raised up into
> the ranks of the Vor? What do you think? 

Given the historical context of the Vor, I think that would be the *last* thing any reasonably-educated Barrayaran would want!


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