[LMB] Jo Walton reviewing the VK series at tor.com

George Vaughan gsvaughan at comcast.net
Thu Apr 2 16:26:16 BST 2009

Esteemed writer Jo Walton is reviewing the Vorkosigan series in what appears
to be chronological order at <www.tor.com>.  Her question in the most recent
post was,

It was as if Bujold had three tries at starting the series. She began it
with Cordelia, again with Miles, and then a third time with Ethan and Elli
before settling down to write a lot more about Miles. Was she waiting to see
what people wanted? Or was it just that she had a lot of different
interesting ideas and working them out within the context of one universe
gave her a solid base of history and geography to go on from?

Do we have thoughts on this issue?  Would LMB be willing to comment on this
in a few days or weeks?

Best regards,

George Vaughan

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