[LMB] Can Non-Vor become Vor?

Harimad harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 2 17:53:50 BST 2009

> Scott wrote:
> It seems fairly obvious that at some point way back in
> Barrayar's history the Vor were invented. This is clearly
> a noble/warrior class title similar to what appeared in
> our own middle ages (and elsewhere in other cultures).
> In our world, titles of nobility could be conferred on
> people who were not born noble. It became rare as time
> went on and the class structure became solidified, but
> it could and did happen. What about on Barrayar? Could
> some non-Vor who did some extraordinary service for the
> Empire be raised up into the ranks of the Vor? 

There is, as far as I remember without rereading them all, one piece of texev.  Aral and Ezar are discussing lines of succession and who should be Regent, at the end of SOH.  Aral suggests a couple of ministers, Ezar, shocked, says they're not Vor.  Aral says declare them all Vor and be done with the whole nonsense.  Ezar chuckles, says what a way to pull the carpet from under the People's Party) and says Aral is more radical than any of the rest of them.

Aral's suggestion makes me think it's still technically possible, and Ezar's response leads me to conclude that while the rule is still on the books such declarations aren't really possible.

If Gregor wants to recreate the possibility, he would have to go slowly.  Nominate someone like Kanzian,[1] with a stellar record and impeccable service.  Meanwhile add a few nonVor to the Auditor's ranks.  Eight or 10 years later, make an Auditor a Vor.  And so on and so forth.

But why do it?  It would create two classes of Vor, the "real" Vor and the arriviste Vor, and open opportunities for others to pressure Gregor to make them Vor, etc., etc.  Better for the system, perhaps, to deemphasize Vor and make it clear that anyone can be patriotic, full of service to Emperor and nation, and achieve important posts.  (And social climbers can still marry their rich daughters to impoverished Vor scions, just as in the real world.)

- Harimad

[1] I know he's dead.  The phrase is "someone LIKE Kanzian."


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