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Natali Vilić natali.vilic at zd.t-com.hr
Fri Apr 3 09:26:26 BST 2009

On Friday, April 03, 2009 3:40 AM
Trialia Xua wrote:

>Thank you so much. Please stop age-generalisation now? It's not funny.
>not all "old fogies".
>I'm too young to remember the space shuttle blowing up, and I was born in
>'86. I've never owned an answering machine in my life, and neither have my
>parents. I know who Mork was - and Mindy, too.
>I thought very carefully before composing this email. I walked around the
>room half a dozen times counting to a hundred. Yet somehow, I'm still
>irritated by this forward. Please don't.

Oh, Tria, why would this insult you? *1*

It is just an observation how times 
passes by. It does inevitably, and it is 
strange, as Ed pointed out, how we feel
(I do) not older then 30, while our bodies
start, and keep, reminding us that it is 
not so :) I'd rather joke about it...
I am now 44, but I think I would feel 
max 30 even if I live to be double that

I remember when I first got cold shivers
down my spine, becoming aware of the time:
I was twenty-something, I opened one of the
drawers, and saw a 13-years' collection of
a SF magazine, all bought by myself...

Now, I only need to look at my kids, who 
just yesterday were helpless babies, while
now they "know everything far better then 
we old fogies" LOL And, honestly, there 
*are* things that they *do* know better...

And I do not feel that forward meant to
diminish in any way those who do not fit
in the old fogies category... Some benevolent
envy, maybe?


1) this is not a provocation, honestly it
isn't. And I did not mean to irritate you 
further, so I am sorry if I did in any way,
out of some misunderstanding.

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