[LMB] OT: Fun

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Fri Apr 3 18:21:03 BST 2009

Elizabeth Holden wrote:
> Since I tend to think of everyone I know as being age-free, sometimes there's a moment of shock.  Not too long ago I was chatting to someone about fanfic and I told them I used to be an X-Files fan.  They said they had been too young to watch X-Files.  I did the arithmetic.  X-Files seems to me like *yesterday*.  That isn't perspective, that's... wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff. I thought of this person as my contemporary.  Misleading.
That's interesting - I consider myself too old to be an X-files fan.   
It came out way after I was a big  TV fan, and I never was much of a fan 
of filmed SF.   I've never seen X-files.

I went to see the play _Mama Mia_ and recognized one song - but the 
audience was full of people who recognized every song.   

I believe most people know music of previous generations, but few people 
know the music of subsequent generations.

I was surprised that my kid sister didn't know of lots of old movies.   
She grew up in between the age of The Early Show, and Cable - her 
opportunities to watch Edward G. Robinson were limited.

My grandmother remembered the first time she saw a car, the first time 
she saw a telephone, the first time she heard a radio, the first time 
she flew to a foreign country, and watching live broadcasts of men 
walking on the moon.   I don't see cultural shock any bigger for current 
generations than for hers.

I wonder what technology shock is like for Miles - or for that matter 
the Ghen!!

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