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Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Fri Apr 3 21:05:01 BST 2009

--- On Fri, 4/3/09, Howard Brazee <howard at brazee.net> wrote:

> That's interesting - I consider myself too old to be an
> X-files fan.   

<g> There you have it.

> It came out way after I was a big  TV fan, and I never was
> much of a fan of filmed SF.   I've never seen X-files.

I held out for a while, then watched it and fell in love. Then after a few years the writing went downhill. So it goes. I've spent vast amounts of my life (especially when young) watching no TV at all, but I usually have a favourite show I watch and concentrate on (e.g., writing fanfic, discussing with friends) for about 5 years before moving on to the next one.

> I went to see the play _Mama Mia_ and recognized one song -
> but the audience was full of people who recognized every song. 

Doesn't just that depend whether you listen to the radio, or listen to music a lot?  I learned about Abba from my European friends.  My American ex thought they were the anti-christ, or at least the nadir of bad music, but I was never very sure why, but it did make me pay attention when the name came up. 

I tend to be musically clueless but I don't think this is age-related. It's just me.
> I believe most people know music of previous generations,
> but few people know the music of subsequent generations.

I don't really know the music of any generation, except what was popular when I was 12 to 16. Beatles, mostly.  Peter and Gordon. I ignored the Stones but they were in the air - it was impossible to ignore them entirely. My musical tastes are varied and eclectic and don't seem to fit much of a pattern.

> I was surprised that my kid sister didn't know of lots
> of old movies.  She grew up in between the age of The Early Show, and 
> Cable - her opportunities to watch Edward G. Robinson were limited.

I've seen very, very few old movies. Never saw Edward G. Robinson. Don't even know what The Early Show was. I do remember seeing Elwy Yost introduce movies, but I never watched the movies themselves.  I was probably 40 before I saw "The Wizard of Oz" or "Gone With the Wind".  I had already seen "Casablanca", one of my favourites. Still haven't seen "Citizen Kane".

I guess my movie-watching is as random as my music-listening.

> My grandmother remembered the first time she saw a car, the
> first time she saw a telephone, the first time she heard a radio, the
> first time she flew to a foreign country, and watching live broadcasts
> of men walking on the moon.  


> I don't see cultural shock any bigger for current 
> generations than for hers.

I think it was Chief Dan George who said, "I was born in the stone age, and lived to see the space age."

> I wonder what technology shock is like for Miles - or for
> that matter the Ghen!!

Interesting question!  And what was it like for the people of Barrayar when they came out of the Age of Isolation?  


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