[LMB] New Counts?

scottwashburn at comcast.net scottwashburn at comcast.net
Fri Apr 3 22:05:24 BST 2009

Okay, we've gotten a good bunch of replies on the issue of making Vor out of non-Vor. So what do you think about the issue of Gregor making new counts? It seems like a countship is tied to a particular patch of land. With all of the unterraformed land on Barrayar, I would have to think that there is a great deal of land that belongs to Gregor, himself (like "Crown Land"). Could Gregor make new counts by deeding them some of that land? You might ask why he'd want to do something like that, but the answer is simple: politics. Suppose Gregor wanted some bit of legislation passed by the Council of Counts, but didn't have the votes? If he could suddenly create a dozen new counts who were completely loyal to him he could create an instant majority. Apparently, several monarchs of England did exactly that in the House of Lords over the centuries. 

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