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Katrina Knight kknight at fastmail.fm
Fri Apr 3 23:17:32 BST 2009

At 01:06 PM 04/03/2009 Elizabeth Holden wrote:
>I'd be curious to ask Trialia why she found the post irritating 
>- did she think it was ageist stereotyping? - but I'm afraid to 
>ask, because I don't want to anger her again.

I don't know about Trialia, but I can tell you why I find that 
particular type of list mildly (and only mildly) irritating. 
They always seem to make assumptions that the people being 
discussed all have all the material stuff they could have and it 
feels to me like most of them assume a large amount of ignorance 
and lack of knowledge in young people. This one isn't as bad as 
some I've seen.  Some of it is the way the items are worded. 
Take "they have always had cable". Guess what, not all young 
people grew up in a house that had cable TV for their entire 
life. Plenty of people still live where there's no cable, can't 
afford it or choose not to have it. Or "popcorn has always been 
micro-waved." The fact that it is possible to microwave popcorn 
doesn't mean that's how all popcorn is made. Most young people I 
know know that popcorn can be made other ways and plenty of them 
would catch cultural references to TV shows and movies that were 
big hits before they were born. Saying "they don't remember a 
time before cable TV", "they've always had the option to make 
popcorn in the microwave" and "they've only seen Mork and Mindy 
as reruns" would feel less like it was making fun of them. I 
just don't find humor in making fun of people I've also gotten 
sick of seeing things that assume all young people are the same 
and not as good as those of us who are older. The post in 
question was only mildly guilty of that, but life seems to be 
full of the idea that today's youth are all greedy, 
materialistic, self-centered, ignorant, etc. and that doesn't 
fit with the young people I come into contact with. Some are 
like that, but so were some of my generation both at that age 
and now.

All that being said, I don't care if something like this 
occasionally gets posted here. I'd object to seeing a lot of it 

Katrina Knight
kknight at fastmail.fm 

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