[LMB] New Counts?

Natali Vilić natali.vilic at zd.t-com.hr
Fri Apr 3 23:22:16 BST 2009

> Suppose Gregor wanted some bit of legislation passed by the Council of 
> Counts, but didn't have the votes? If he could suddenly create a dozen new

> counts who were completely loyal to him he could create an instant 
> majority. Apparently, several monarchs of England did exactly that in the 
> House of Lords over the centuries.

>Oh, I don't think Gregor would want to risk his imperial person on a gambit

>like that.  The council of counts would have him eviscerated, and they have

>precedent for such things.  There's so much textev in so many places about 
>the unwritten checks and balances in Barrayaran government that for an 
>emperor to try to tip them that far would be suicidal.  Maybe one count at
>time over a period of decades, but even that might be risky.

I agree absolutely. 

>OTOH, one does wonder what's going to happen with all that land on Sergyar 
>one of these days.  Will Gregor and future emperors just keep appointing 
>viceroy after viceroy, or will its growing population eventually force some

>sort of districting and/or self-government under the oversight of the 
>Imperium?  Or will one evolve into the other the way it did on Barrayar?
>Something else that always bugged me was how Komarr is represented in the 
>imperial government back on Barrayar, or if it is at all.  So far as 
>taxation and all that sort of thing goes.  Speaking as a USAian and 
>remembering the start of my own country.  The only time we see anything
>that is in Memory when Laisa is part of an economic delegation to the 
>emperor.  Almost like a foreign country rather than part of the empire.

I see the relation of Barrayar and Komarr as that of a colonizing nation 
and a colony. 

As for Sergyar, I see it as an extension of Barrayar, with transfer of its
ways on a new territory. So there is a viceroy as an ultimate count. 
As Sergyar will develop, and produce more, it would be necessary 
to distribute power to ensure production efficiency, but I don't think that 
producing new counts would be the way to do that. Either the existing
counts would be granted areas on Sergyar as a prize for good service 
(or if so many plebs voted for them with their feet that their 
Barrayaran counties got crammed), or a sort of a local self-government 
would be established, under the sovereignty of the viceroy and the emperor.
The first sound more Barrayar-like to me.


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