[LMB] Apologies was...OT: Fun

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Sat Apr 4 03:11:44 BST 2009

Trialia Xua wrote

> William, "I'm very sorry if sth upset/irritated you" is not an apology,
> and
> I think you know that. I didn't misunderstand at all. I was not implying
> you
> were saying my generation were "fogies"; what annoyed me in the forward
> was
> entirely something else. I think you're being blind to how ageist the
> thing
> is, at any rate.

I'm about ready to call 'pizza' on this.  I'm absolutely baffled as to how
anyone could find anything offensive in what was a gently amusing post.  As
one approaching 'fogeydom' (54) I found much to identify with and smile at.
It doesn't imply that people have all the things such as answering machines
- simply that the younger generation haven't known a world without them.
I've seen huge technological and cultural changes since I was at university
and I know my twenty-something kids have a quite different experience and
world view - that's absolutely natural.  I'm baffled by the direction this
thread has taken.  There seems to be total lack of communication going on
here so perhaps we should agree to drop it?

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