[LMB] Can Non-Vor become Vor?

The MaD HaCkER MadHacker14 at comcast.net
Sat Apr 4 03:28:40 BST 2009

The MaD HaCkER wrote:
    I did some study, and while it is vague I believe that Vor is a term 
used in the Russian mob for a made man.

Howard Brazee wrote:
> I suspect a future aristocracy may be designed more similar to Mac 
> Reynolds' near future aristocracies, with set rules for moving up (and 
> down) classes.   One of his novels had a character who was a warrior who 
> negotiated to move up two classes if he won the battle his employer was 
> preparing for.
> This is the way many aristocracies started before those in power 
> solidified their positions.   Hereditary aristocracies have lost power 
> with the industrial age when they couldn't compete with other means of 
> wealth (power) production.
> When an aristocracy solidifies, it becomes harder to join (especially at 
> royalty levels) - but a top admiral who saves the country can become a 
> lord.    With history books and new philosophies on how society should 
> run, Vor doesn't need to repeat old processes exactly.   It could 
> recognize the value (or multiple values) in providing anybody with the 
> means to succeed within its rules.

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