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> Katrina's comments on the list are all very good.
> There must be a way of phrasing these things better... Because I think 
> it's good for people like me (who don't fall under the heading of 'young 
> people') to be reminded that the experience of people younger than us is 
> different from our own in various ways.  Not that it's a good thing or a 
> bad thing, but that everyone's experience is different depending when they 
> were born, and when they grew up.
> I sometimes have the same reaction with different triggers.  Have to 
> remind myself that the writer meant no offense, but is simply reflecting 
> his or her experiences of life without stopping to think that it doesn't 
> refer to everyone.

I wonder, what it would look like to have the perspective of "Things your 
generation is ignorant of/got passed by/etc" done from people in 15 - 25 
year range?

Hmm "People over X grew up without texting, without the Worldwide Web, 
without Instant Messaging, without MTV, without 200 cable channels, without 
WiFi, without cellphones, without digital video recorders, without digital 
cameras, without ATMs, without ecommerce, without epublications, without 
books on audiodisc, without antilock brakes, without mandatory seatbelts, 
without helmets on motorcyclist, with lead paint, without computers in 
classrooms, without word processors, without email, without weather 
satellites and accurate storm warnings days in advance, without Amtrak, 
without communications satellites, without highspeed data communications, 
without desktop publishing, without print on demand, without desktop video, 
without inexpensive video production, without do-it-yourself video, without 
webcams, without cheap video cameras, without xerographic copying machines, 
without cheap color printing, without cheap consumer goods from China, 
without cheap digital watches, without videogames, without computer games, 
without downloadable music, without spam, without computer viruses affecting 
home computers, without women in the military being military pilots, without 
hip replacement surgery, without plastic surgery, without organ transplant, 
without high fructose corn syrup, without sucralose, without acai, without 
stevia as commercial product, without transponders for toll roads, without 
Goretex and Polarfleece, without LED flashlights, without Compact 
Fluorescent Lights,..."

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