[LMB] New Counts?

Andrew Barton andrew.157barton at btinternet.com
Sat Apr 4 05:07:37 BST 2009

scottwashburn at comcast.net:

> Could Gregor make new counts by deeding them some of that land? You might ask why he'd want to do something like that, but the answer is simple: politics. Suppose Gregor wanted some bit of legislation passed by the Council of Counts, but didn't have the votes? If he could suddenly create a dozen new counts who were completely loyal to him he could create an instant majority. Apparently, several monarchs of England did exactly that in the House of Lords over the centuries. <

I don't believe that's ever actually been done, but we had a constitutional crisis in 1909-10 where the House of Lords was blocking a radical annual finance bill introduced by a government with a strong electoral mandate in the Commons.  Here's an account from royal.gov.uk

'George V's reign began amid the continuing constitutional crisis over the House of Lords, which refused to pass a Parliament Bill limiting its powers (which would remove its power to veto a Bill from the Commons). 

After the Liberal government obtained the King's promise to create sufficient peers to overcome Conservative opposition in the Lords (and won a second election in 1910), the Parliament Bill was passed by the Lords in 1911 without a mass creation of peers.'

This may have been the last time that the monarch had the deciding role in a constitutional crisis in Britain.

I imagine that Gregor would be at least as hesitant as was George V before making such an intervention.  He's usually shown as avoiding overt interference in the Council of Counts whenever he can.


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