[LMB] OT: Generation Change, was Fun

Ed Burkhead ed at edburkhead.com
Sat Apr 4 05:37:20 BST 2009

This discussion does make me think about the world view of the young people.

Growing up with the things listed by Paula and without the things in the
original Old Fogies e-mail does make the average world view of young people
different from that of us older people.

My daughter, now 13, has been using computers since she was two or three.  I
let her run around our neighborhood but use her cell phone as a link.  I'd
let her have an iPod if she wanted it (I've got one, after all).  (It makes
a difference growing up in the house of a techno-geek, something I did not

But the details of how all these things work is a total blank to her.  She's
just now learning about the world, learning about science and technology in
school, learning algebra, biology and hundreds of other things.

We all go through this initial ramp-up of learning about the world when we
are young.

But, we may choose to embrace change in later years or try to avoid it.

Except for communications, just how different is the world now from the
world 50 years ago?

Life is strange, after all.  I'm not entirely sure I believe in reality.


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