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I LIKE reading this sort of list, they're fun, at least to me. There's other ways to make me feel young & stupid. I'm in my early 50's and there'll be people around for at least the next 30 years to consider me a young whippersnapper. Who knows, with medical research, it could be longer than that.
I'll put in that that's old enough that I had to stay in the hospital overnight to have my tonsils out, I remember the excitement over the first heart transplant and I was in first grade when the principal announced over the P.A. system that President Kennedy had been shot.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Kevin_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

> I'm now officially sorry that I sent the post at all.
> In my last post I mentioned anachronisms that creep in to SF. In the pilot
> to STOS, they used lasers. By the time the series came out they had changed
> it to phasers because they thought that to many people would know just what
> lasers could do.
> One of the things I like about the Vorkoverse is that there are very few of
> this type of anachronisms. Of course the technodrop (how is that for coining
> a word?) during the TOI explains a lot. We live in an era of expanding
> marvels. We are still getting used to it.
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