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Peter Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
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At 07:49 PM 4/3/2009, Laura Jane Swanson wrote:
>>Tria, I'm very sorry if I irritated you. It was not intentional. The post
>>was one of a series the emphasizes the changes that have occurred in the
>>last 18 years. As an official member of Fogydom (fogyhood?) at 60, I've seen
>>these changes and more. As a reader of SF of long standing, I appreciate
>>anachronisms. For example, in _Venus Equilateral_, they had electric drive
>>spaceships and built their marvelous inventions using vacuum tubes and in
>>one story used record players.
>>Reading your post again, I think you misunderstood. We oldsters are the
>The series is almost old enough to need itself, too.  I remember being sent one late in my undergrad years or early in my grad school years, so around 1997 or so, which would have made me 22-ish.  It was forwarded to the teaching assistants to help us relate to our incoming freshman students (or at least help us not make assumptions about what references they would "get").  And yes, even though they were only four-ish years younger than me, there were significant changes in those years, so I found it helpful.
>As for fogydom or fogyhood...can I qualify as an honorary member?  I'm only 33, but I've had the keys jam on an old-fashioned manual typewriter.  (I grew up with it until I was at least 10, then got an electric; didn't get a computer until I was 18, though we had them at school.)  I've even used a slide-rule!  (Granted, that was mostly because I'd found my dad's in the basement, and had read a few too many Heinlein juveniles...)

I remember my manual typewriter somewhat fondly, although it was recent enough to have plastic keys (in 1953).  It was so cheap it didn't have a one key or a zero key (lower case ell and capital oh served, instead, and I had a real problem when I began using a computer keyboard).  No tab key, either.

I used 8 fingers, but had to look at the keyboard while typing, until I got into the USN and was put on the coding board.  You absolutely HAD to type random five letter groups by touch, 'cause if you lost your place, you had to start again from the front (page 1 of 5, part 1 of 4).

Regards, Pete
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