[LMB] OT: Generation Change, was Fun

Peter Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Sat Apr 4 17:43:34 BST 2009

At 12:19 AM 4/4/2009, Ed Burkhead wrote:

>Fantastic list and perspective!
>Yep, I grew up without all those things.
>And, step by step, I grew along with all of them as they were added, one by
>My adaptation to them was probably facilitated by being a science fiction
>reader.  Sometimes I've had a bit of confusion trying to remember if the
>thing I wanted has been invented yet or not.
>And, being a techno-geek, it's helped me dive into each new change with joy.
>My wife, on the other hand, is overwhelmed by our recent transition from
>analog cable TV (which overwhelmed her with 75 channels) to digital cable
>with HDTV, Blue-Ray and a cable box with digital video recorder in it.
>Looking at your list of things I didn't grow up with but have now, my
>reaction is "YEAH!"  
>My feeling when I use those things is that, even though I knew pretty much
>how each works, it's still like magic and it's fun to play with magic.
>Paula wrote:
>Hmm "People over X grew up without texting, 
>without the Worldwide Web,
>without Instant Messaging, 
>without MTV, without 200 cable channels, 
>without WiFi, 
>without cellphones, 
>without digital video recorders, 
>without digital cameras, 
>without ATMs, 
>without ecommerce, 
>without epublications, 
>without books on audiodisc, 
>without antilock brakes, 
>without mandatory seatbelts,
>without helmets on motorcyclist, 
>with lead paint, 
>without computers in classrooms, 
>without word processors, 
>without email, 
>without weather satellites and accurate storm warnings days in advance, 
>without Amtrak (though we actually had multiple railroads with effective
>passenger service)
>without communications satellites, 
>without highspeed data communications,
>without desktop publishing, 
>without print on demand, 
>without desktop video,
>without inexpensive video production, 
>without do-it-yourself video, 
>without webcams, 
>without cheap video cameras, 
>without xerographic copying machines,
>without cheap color printing, 
>without cheap consumer goods from China,
>without cheap digital watches, 
>without videogames, 
>without computer games,
>without downloadable music, 
>without spam, 
>without computer viruses affecting home computers, 
>without women in the military being military pilots, 
>without hip replacement surgery, 
>without plastic surgery, 
>without organ transplant,
>without high fructose corn syrup, 
>without sucralose, 
>without acai, 
>without stevia as commercial product, 
>without transponders for toll roads, 
>without Goretex and Polarfleece, 
>without LED flashlights, 
>without Compact Fluorescent Lights,..."
>and, let's not forget, without contact lenses!

I grew up without most of those things, although Spam has been around since 1937 (I always preferred Treet, however)--and yes, I know, you mean unwanted commercial e-mail by the term spam.

Plastic surgery dates from 2000 BC in India,  has existed throughout medical history, and most operations (such as the repair of a cleft palate) actually predate anesthesia.

Modern contact lenses date from 1949, and were widespread by the 1960s.

I suppose the most of the other things mentioned are products of the 1980s and 1990s, however.

Regards, Pete
pgranzeau at cox.net 

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