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> Another advantage to at least having the possibility of a non-Vor 
becoming Vor is that it would tend to dampen the resentment of the non-Vor 
towards their powerful and privilaged rulers. If the Vors just thumb their 
noses and say: "Nya! Nya! We're better than you and always will be!" it 
will eventually lead to revolution like it did in France and Russia. At 
least some of the Vor are smart enough to realize this. But if there is the 
possibility of climbing the ladder (no matter how small that possibility 
really is) it would take some of the sting out of the situation and 
simultaneously imply that the Vor deserve their positions because in the 
past their ancestors did some great service to the Empire. Perceptions are 
everything :) 
NEW - JRJ>I agree some chance of upward mobility is a healthy trait for a 
society, and it seems to exist in the Barrayaran government to a reasonable 
degree for the stage of development they enjoy.  Aral accelerated it all he 
could, even sticking his neck out - Galen, frex.  Wasn't there a memo where 
he admitted that was a risk but he chose to take it?

Wonder, in that case, whether mere resentment in these circs would be 
likely to extend to revolution as in France and Russia.  No way could 
simple envy propell ordinary people to risk lives, living, families and all 
to commit treason (it's only revolution if it succeeds; until then, it's 
treason); people only go that far after long-term desperation and despair.  
The Old World peasants were hungry, but Barryar doesn't even have peasants, 
and the lower classes can advance through the military (Bothari) or trade 
(Kou's father).  Heh.  Kou's father might have hoped to see his 
grand-sons-in-law on the General Staff.

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