[LMB] OT: Fun

Hide Deer hid.deer at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 22:12:34 BST 2009

...The post in
> question was only mildly guilty of that, but life seems to be
> full of the idea that today's youth are all greedy,
> materialistic, self-centered, ignorant, etc. and that doesn't
> fit with the young people I come into contact with. Some are
> like that, but so were some of my generation both at that age
> and now.
> --
> Katrina Knight
> kknight at fastmail.fm

oh, that's an old old old idea!!!  plato and aristotle were worrying
about 'youth' not holding up the standareds, or having bad morals.

obBujolld - who was the Auditor that thought everyone under 60 was
'youth' and had a terrible upbringing?

my great-grandmother thinks all her grandchildren have no idea how to
bring up children.  and  yet, we've all avoided pneumonia and being
hit by cars.


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