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BlueRose <stacey at xtra.co.nz> wrote:
> Interesting.  Odd that no one seems to know (or want to say) what the 
> reason is.  I wrote a 3 page letter explaining at the time I made the 
> decision, so they only have themselves to blame if they are in any 
> doubt.  And I know for certain its all my fault anyway.
> I did actually have some ObBujold to add into this post (but I was short 
> of time last night)
> We see several instances of LMB characters distancing themselves from 
> family by varying amounts for one reason or another:
> - Fawn - on the run once she discovers she is pregnant.  My personal 
> view is she would have got as far as Glassforge, found a job, been seen 
> by someone who knew her, reported back and the family come to collect 
> her.  Obviously it never got to that point . But due to the social 
> stigma of her situation, she left the family fully expecting not to be 
> welcomed back should they discover the truth. So she left with the intent
> - Dag - he and Fawn have so much difficulty with the elders refusing to 
> accept Fawn that he sees no choice but to leave.  Neither want to go 
> back to Fawns family, so to kill some time they go on a honeymoon, but 
> Dag is realising that he cannot stay in the world he knew, and will have 
> to carve his own way with Fawn without the support of family groups.
> - Ista in Paladin of Souls- once things are finally sorted around her, 
> she realises she has nothing to do, no purpose, and wants to escape (and 
> secretly find a reason never to go back) and events that ensue offer her 
> that option.  This is not a full removal from her family, but a removal 
> from the place she had lived, and the people she had lived with and a 
> moving on with her life.
> - Kareen in ACC - with the problems with her family over Mark, and over 
> lack of money for her schooling, she begins to realise that independence 
> from the family ties is a harder thing - there is a lovely conversation 
> she has with Ekaterin about not being allowed to grow up, you have to 
> take adulthood for yourself (or something similar)

Don't forget Cordelia in Shards, running from Beta Colony.

> And a complete reversal where you have someone with no family who has to 
> adapt to a new ready made one is Mark!

And even he started by running from the opportunity.

Dan, ad nauseam

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