[LMB] just for a change, an ON TOPIC post

Harimad harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 10 02:41:18 BST 2009

I have a possible convert!  And I manfully restrained myself from trying to convert someone not ready to be converted and thereby ruining her for her eventual conversion.  (Bujold = Borg?)

Tonight I went to a book signing.  I knew exactly one person there.  The book was about getting ahead for businessfolk, so the crowd was mostly businessfolk.  The author is a managing partner at Morgan Stanley *and* a professional singer *and* sits on a bunch of boards and and and.  So a whole bunch of very focused businessfolk there.

One of the first strangers I met mentioned SF & F for some reason.  As soon as courtesy allowed I asked if she'd read any Bujold.  No?  Never even heard of her?  Quelle horreur.  I found out what she liked - no point in recommending LMB if what she wants is pure technical infodumps - and made recommendations.  I also requested she report back on whether she liked or not and why.

The other woman watched SF rather than reading it, so I didn't deluge her with blather.  Better to wait till she's ready to read again.  And *then* deluge her.

- Harimad

PS: despite knowing only one person I had a blast.  What a crowd of raging interesting extroverts.  Note to self: remember to do things that you don't think will be interesting more often.

PPS: "More often" /= soon.  The 9 month old seems to have the chicken pox.


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