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>Ha!  Definitely back car  window
>my-kid-goes-there-and-I'm-impoverishing-myself-to-make-it-happen  brag
>sticker material.  You can get tranparent polyester label  material in
>8.5x11 inch sheets...it's a doddle with Corel-Draw or  Adobe
>Illustrator.  The only trick is to mirror the resultant  graphic so when
>you stick it to the inside of the window it reads  correctly from the
>We've *all* seen the Starfleet  academy, but I made Korval ones:
>Scout Academy of Liad  (Solcintra)
>This heap maintained by...
>Binjali's  Repair Shop & Jalopy Garage
...and sent them to Sharon  Lee..

>Now I can make a
>Imperial Service  Academy
>Vorbarr Sultana, Barrayar

>Any  suggestions?
M:  How about the Russian crest (red with gold double-headed eagle) on  a 
blue banner or strip with "Imperial Service Academy of Barrayar."   Or do we 
actually know it was in Vorbarr Sultana?  I wouldn't have thought  it would 
be right in the city.

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