[LMB] : Happy Birthday!

kerry weisselberg kerilli at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 09:54:02 BST 2009

William wrote:
"Kerry is the
acknowledged list expert on chickens. In looking back over her posts, I'm
tempted to commit doggerel:
When she is here, she is very here
And when she is not, she is missed."

Oooh, thankyou! Now I am a little wiser, and do not pass on any 'jokes', I
hope that is true! I was pondering that "life begins at 40" possibly really
means "it takes 40 years to learn how to go on in life, from there on it's
plain sailing." I devoutly hope so.

I had a very nice birthday, except that my puppy decided that a real treat
for my birthday would be to murder my favourite call-duck. I now only have
one, and she's lonely, so let the great duck-hunt recommence. It's either
that or giving her away to a safer home. This pup is SO untrainable, I
despair. All my others leave the chooks and ducks alone!

Thank you for the Birthday Wishes and tixie-dust, much appreciated.


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