[LMB] OT: corn syrup

Stewart Dean sdean at sdean.net
Wed Apr 15 23:23:14 BST 2009

Kosher (large flake) salt has some interesting properties:
= It doesn't cake hard like regular salt....if you have a container of
it with some space, just shake it it and it will break up or if you have
a container like a baby food bottle, you can just break it up by masking
it with your finger.  Must easier to deal with in the summer, no losing 
battle with grains of rice, etc..
= It also it doesn't seem to de-turgidify lettuce quite so badly or as
fast when dressing salad with oil and vinegar and salt (as common table
salt does)
= It not being so finely grained is easier to pinch measure and spread.

I was raised in a non-Jewish avid cooking family and that was all we
ever used.  I use a snap top plastic container with the holes drilled
out bigger to pass the big flakes
// Stewart Dean == Kingston, NY

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