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Thu Apr 16 19:08:13 BST 2009

[LMB] Favourite quote
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Thu Apr 16 17:47:43 BST 2009

Elizabeth Holden wrote:
 > But the first one I thought of - too long for a bumper sticker - is 
right up there too, and closely associated with the above.  Also from 
 > "What are you doing?" the Countess asked. "We heard a lot of 
footsteps, and a thump through the ceiling...."
 > He fought to keep his words even. "Just... wrestling with temptation."
 > Illyan's voice came back, amused. "Who's winning?"
 > Miles's eyes followed the cracks in the plaster, overhead.  His voice 
came out high and light, on a sigh: "I think... I'm going for the best 
two falls out of three."
 > namaste,
 > Elizabeth
I always thought Miles underestimated himself here. Once he realized it 
was a bribe, there was no danger of him taking it.

Of course, the real danger was him not realizing it was a bribe until 
six months down the road, when the damage would be to great for him to undo.


***  A variant on that theme, and the one he fell to in his mind at that 
moment, is of course, "Yes. I know it's a bribe, but I'll take it now 
and fix it later."

"Fix it later" having so often worked so well before...

Ta, L.

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