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> Pat wrote:
> >Is there anyone in any of Lois' universes that would have tried paying ransom? And was either double-crossed (as Aethelred >was), or it actually worked?
> >We've been so focused on Barrayar's national enemies we forgot to ask how they deal with free-lancers.
> In the Chalionverse ransoms are routinely paid to the Roknari.  Cazaril was left off the ransom list.   Ista cries "Ransoms!  Ransoms for all!" to the Jokonans.
> ALison 

That's right. I'd forgotten. And was that considered part of the civilized conventions of warfare in that time? Because there is no hint that the Roknari were going to hold them up for more, or even especially try to kidnap people for ransom. 

The same was true in most of Medieval Europe after the 11th Century - earlier in some places? - IIRC. Factored into the cost of doing business and considered to be an agreement between gentlemen. Though Eleanor of Acquitaine had to scramble to raise the ransom for Richard the Lionheart. (A little personal animosity there?)

Come to think of it, the example we were studying, the Vikings, were still not quite part of the civilized community of European Christian Gentlemen at that point. I wonder when that change took place.

Come to think of it, the The Weald use ransoms in any context?

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