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Sat Apr 18 16:26:50 BST 2009

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>From: kerry weisselberg <kerilli at gmail.com>
>I loved the Gird books, they really really moved me. As a horse lover and
>rider, I have no problem with the Paladin horses, I thought they were
>wonderful... a magical horse that never gets tired or injured?! How can I
>earn one?

I enjoyed the Gird books when they first came out.  I wonder what I would think of them now.  I haven't read them in years, though I still have them.  Maybe after we get into a house in 6 months or so, and I can have back all the boxes of books currently in storage...

>The Serrano books are great, but I thought she got a bit lost in the Vatta

I haven't read either of those.  From what I know, they're just not my thing.

>I really enjoyed her Speed of Dark (about a man with autism), did anyone
>else like that?

I loved it.  I also really enjoyed Remnant Population.

catching up after a week spent preparing for the upcoming move

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