[LMB] Worst Bujold Villain

Alex Haropulos aharo at erols.com
Sat Apr 18 21:19:44 BST 2009

Jim Parish wrote:
> I'm sorry; maybe I personalize it too much, but when I hear Ezar being 
> defended, I think:
> "Tell it to Aristide Vorkalloner.
> Tell it to Commander Vorhalas.
> Tell it to Korabik Gottyan, and Sergeant Buffa, and Yeoman Nilesa.
> Tell it to Terza Boni.
> Tell it to Elena Visconti.
> Tell *them* how necessary it was."
> Aral speaks of the dying Ezar desperately praying that there is no God.
This is why no one in their right mind wants to be Emperor, or 
President, or whatever. "To lead means you will kill."

Ezar did the best he could, under the circumstances. Only demigods rise 
above that, and there ain't a lot of those rattling around.

When my father was drafted into WWII, he was a 18 year old college 
junior in physics, along with his best buddy. Both of them wound up 
variously studying and teaching in college/service schools until D-Day 
and the Okinawa invasion. The US used their best and brightest as cannon 
fodder in the final push. My father lived, his buddy died.

War of whatever kind is nothing but waste. Sometimes, and depending on 
where you are standing, it is worth it.

Alex H.
Who is here because of Little Boy and Fat Man.

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