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>From: Walter Bushell <proto at panix.com>
>On Apr 19, 2009, at 12:28 PM, Laura Jane Swanson wrote:
>> Pharmacies keep records of what they order, and the pharmacist in  
>> question hadn't ordered enough to cover what he claimed to have  
>> dispensed.  Even if the pharmacy falsified records, if the Powers  
>> That Be were suspicious, they could check with the supplier.   
>> Insurance companies do audits all the time, even without suspicion  
>> of wrongdoing.
>Ah, but you sell the stuff you don't sell because you are diluting it  
>on the black market. Their is a black market for aids drugs, even.

Sad but true.  However, the sort of drugs used in a dilution scheme would tend to be IV drugs--not as much of a black market for those, as they tend to be administered in the hospital.  (Sure, it would be possible to come up with a black market scheme to supply a hospital, even in the U.S., but again, it would take considerable trouble and fuss.  That bunch Tien Vorsoisson fell in with would be right at home, I guess.)  Perhaps some of the ones that would be used in an outpatient clinic would be more likely (their supply chains are still traceable, but some might be slightly less scrutinized than those for a hospital)...even then, though, many of the drugs have to be held under certain conditions, and prepared just before use.  It would be obvious they'd been tampered with, so the buyers would have to know something had been done to them, making them equally guilty.

HIV drugs are mostly (though not exclusively) oral, nowadays.  There's definitely a black market for them; most are not cheap, and many HIV patients don't have great insurance coverage (if any).  And insurance companies don't always cover the optimal medications, either.  And...don't get me started.  My feelings on the health care system are not mild, and me ranting, even through text, is not a pretty sight.  8)


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