[LMB] OT: Pharmacy (was worst Bujold villian

Ed Burkhead ed at edburkhead.com
Tue Apr 21 23:41:08 BST 2009

Jen asked:
> But would you *ever* find out if a person managed to sneak in a
> for something you *don't* take?  If - just for example - you're on asthma
> meds, and they get a prescription for oxycontin....

I bet I'd spot it within a few days or a couple of weeks.

I almost always request my prescription refills online.  The prescription
most recently filled is at the top of the list, on screen.

I don't think I'd miss anything that's not my own and I'd probably catch any
of mine filled out of sequence as they'd be too high on the list.

However, admittedly, I'm weird in how I do things so your point that most
people wouldn't notice it is valid.


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