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> On Apr 20, 2009, at 8:54 PM, Lois McMaster Bujold wrote:
> > My "just watched" list for the weekend...
> >
> > _The Matrix_  Yeah, I know, I'm slow.   Speaking as an engineer's
> > daughter, at no point did the physics, biology, economics or ecology
> > make sense.  Of any of the iterations of "reality".  But, of course,
> > that's not what the fable was about, or for.   ...Was this supposed to
> > be a *parody* of the young-male-power-fantasy...?

> From: Mary Piero Carey
> Oh, praise Ghu, I'm not the only one.  I have been saying:  "and that's
> _another_ thing that doesn't make sense..." over and over in every
> conversation that I've ever had about The Matrix.  Sure, there are parts of
> it that look Rilly, Rilly Kewl, but I spent most of the movie picking my
> Willing Suspension of Disbelief up off the floor & picking the dusty popcorn
> and Lemonheads off of it.
> Me:
I really don't think it was a parody. I always took Matrix as a high tech
fairy tale heavily dosed with "Costume Porn"[1] for Boys Who Like to Blow
Things Up.  The object of the movie was not story, it was a series of
interlinked vignettes so there would be a reason to destroy all manner of
things without having to stop and reload. ...and still get the girl in the
end. (or, more succintly: Romance novels for young males who like video

Mary, my friends and I have recently begun using the phrase "are you driving
trucks through the plot holes again?" when someone's WSOD fails. It usually
restores good humor.


[1]  http://sewing.patternreview.com/cgi-bin/readreview.pl?reviewnum=4744 and

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