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>> [LMB] Just watched...
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>>  > _Papkrika_.  Another fine anime from director Satoshi
>> Kon. ...
>> Take a look at "Paranoia Agent," Kon's
>> six-episode series. It is an odd,
>> dark show. After watching it once, I watched it again with
>> an entirely
>> different perspective -- sort of like rereading "Nine
>> Princes in Amber."
>> *** How dark of a dark?  I don't mind if it's dark
>> along the way in 
>> spots, but would prefer a non-nihilistic ending...?
>I wouldn't call it *dark*, per se... basically, there's this mysterious figure called 'Shonen Bat' running around Tokyo mugging people.  Nobody can find him and all the victims agree he's a ten-to-twelve year old boy on rollerblades whose weapon of choice is a baseball bat.
>Interestingly, everyone he hits is under a lot of stress and is at a psychological turning point, and being assaulted by Shonen Bat actually *helps*.  (Except of course the suicidal trio in 'Happy Family Planning', but, well, he *runs away* from them.  In one of the funniest scenes I've ever seen.  "COME BACK HERE AND KILL US!")
>It's a very thinky series, is PA.

It was on Adult Swim a couple-three years ago.  I think there were actually 12 episodes.  A lot of the best anime is dark--Wolfs Rain, for instance, or Witch Hunter Robin.  Alas, CN has quit showing adult anime, opting intead for phart jokes, gross-outs, and durrrty wurrrds in AS (and I no longer watch at all).

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