[LMB] LQ #57: worst Bujold villain

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Wed Apr 22 20:35:35 BST 2009

Claire Nollet wrote:
> Whenever my doc tries to prescribe me a drug, I ask her how long the drug's
> been on the market.  If it's been around for less than 5-10 years, I tell
> her to prescribe me something else.
> I don't want to be in the beta testing group that discovers that the drug
> damages your heart valves or something like that.
You are also saving money.   The miracle drugs of a couple of decades 
ago are dirt cheap.  The drug companies make all of their money off the 
new drugs.   And they need to, as the new drugs are the ones that cost 
so much in R&D, paperwork, and insurance.

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