[LMB] Just Watched...

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Thu Apr 23 01:08:06 BST 2009

>  It pretended to be real, and I didn't, even at a
> very young age, believe in the supernatural.

Exactly.  The Matrix's setting made it feel like it was pretending to be 
real to me.  Trying so hard it hurt to watch.  WSOD came crashing down 
within about thirty seconds, IIRC.

The supernatural I have much less of a problem with.  But I've loved ghost 
stories and time travel and all that sort of thing (although not vampires, 
and I vastly prefer my supernatural stories to be normal people dealing with 
a supernatural phenomenon, not that the characters themselves are 
supernatural) ever since I was a kid.

> Nowadays, it's not the genre, or medium, or whatever.  It's whether it's
> a good story, well told.

Well, but that's my point about The Matrix (which I haven't seen since it 
first came out in theaters).  To me, it wasn't.  Partly because of that lack 
of distance.


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