[LMB] Just Watched...

Marna Nightingale marna at marna.ca
Thu Apr 23 04:56:37 BST 2009

Mark Allums wrote:
> Sigh.  Think of any fairy tale.  Or mythology.  

But they have internal consistency and external applicability. That's how the strong ones function;  they hang together for the duration of the story, and they tell you something that hangs together, even after the story falls apart. But they're MUCH harder than they look, which is why the really strong ones generally don't so much get written as 'found'. 

Think of people who TRY to do modern fairy tales or modern mythology: when it works, it's great, but when it slips, even for a moment, it's sort of painful. 

>   :)  The Matrix is *not* in my top 25.  But it was fun, if silly.

I'm not dissing silly. I can't afford to; I watch TORCHWOOD. 

For me, it wasn't what the Matrix was doing, it was that it didn't sell it well enough to get me to bite. And once my brain has enough free space to start doing continuity-checking *while the movie is still playing*, it's all over. 

Goat, own, each, his or hers, you know? 


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