[LMB] Just Watched...

JenL jenl1625 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 13:10:00 BST 2009

On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 8:08 PM, Meg Justus <mmegaera at nwlink.com> wrote:

> Mark:
> >  It pretended to be real, and I didn't, even at a
> > very young age, believe in the supernatural.
> Exactly.  The Matrix's setting made it feel like it was pretending to be
> real to me.  Trying so hard it hurt to watch.  WSOD came crashing down
> within about thirty seconds, IIRC.
The movie that "hurt" to me, until I decided to consider it a live-action
cartoon, was the most recent Die Hard movie ....   The bits with the fighter
jet and the highway overpasses?  Uh-huh!


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