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> It is very, very tough to set someone up as a great hero when writing 
> through their own POV. There would be lots of very exciting action going 

> on with more-or-less unexcited inner response. A variant on John 
> Campbell's "How do you write a superman?"
> It is tough to create someone you come to greatly admire from anything 
> but the outside - many things that Cordelia and others love/respect 
> about him would seem to be ludicrous if imagined as written from his own 

> POV. Sort of "He saw his muscular arms flex as he grabbed the table 
> edge." "He felt his cold rage overwhelm him as he mercilessly strangled 
> the Political Affairs officer." Uh, maybe THAT'S Space Opera?
> With Miles as POV, we see all his self-doubts, grasping at straws, 
> pulling it out of the air. It takes a writer of Lois' caliber (and a 
> surrounding fictional entourage) allow us to see Miles as a hero.
> Alex H
> who frequently remembers with joy the scene in TVG where Elena and Elli 
> drag the body into Miles's presence and dump it matter-of-factly like 
> lionesses delivering their prey.
NEW -- JRJ>Me, too, about the lionesses comment.

And I think you've got it about Aral.  He's so powerful, personally and 
politically, that he's like a force of nature, and if he's got self-doubts 
I don't want to know about them until much later or I'd feel insecure.  The 
Integrity scene that Mark overheard is as close as it needs to get.

Would/should that apply to Gregor, too?  I'd welcome a lot of Laisa's POV.

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