[LMB] AKICOTL: Fathers and daughters in SF&F

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Digging back into the writings of my youth ---

McCaffrey's parent-daughter relationships all seemed to be dysfunctional except in the case of Lessa of Pern, in which case they seemed to be nonexistent. I noticed when Lessa, a kitchen slave when the story opend, runs her mind over what she lost when her castle was invaded, never once calls to mind a scene of family life or loved ones. And the early tales seem to have more than one daughter whose father, viewed from the outside, is abusive, and the daughter makes excuses for him.  Yes, if you're going negative, Anne McCaffrey is a good place to start.

Andre Norton's women IIRC have somewhat of the same problems, but find good relationships with men their own age. 

Heinlein's women seem to have sprung full-grown from the head of Zeus, and I would not take Maureen in "To Sail Beyond the Sunset" as an example of a healthy father-daughter relationship. 

Marion Zimmer Bradley is almost as bad as Sheri Tepper for dysfunctional, but of course, her stories generally start with the woman's (or man's) effort to free herself from the past. 

Moving forward - Frank Herbert gives us Shaddam Corino and Princess Irulan. 

I shake my head-  they all seem completely dysfunctional, don't they? Now that I think of it. 


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> > there are great (and terrible)  father- daughter relationships
> Under "terrible", Menolly's relationship with her father in
> "Dragonsong" has already been mentioned.  McAffrey wrote a couple of
> short stories centered on another case where a daughter had to fight
> to escape her father's domination - these were more science-fictiony:
> "Daughter" and "Dull Drums", for a couple different places, but
> collected in "Get Off the Unicorn"
> Richard
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