[LMB] female Miles, was Fathers/daughters in SF

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Sun Apr 26 04:19:27 BST 2009

--- On Sat, 4/25/09, Suzette Petty <suzettepetty at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Incidentally, regarding the "if Miles were a daughter"
> idea, does anyone have an opinion about whether his gender
> was chosen?  Vordarian thought that Aral would have
> chosen a daughter in order to maintain control of the
> Imperium through marriage to Gregor, and we know the
> possibility existed for the parents to choose their child's
> gender.  Did Aral and Cordelia choose?  Or could
> Miles have really been a daughter? I'm not sure I'm buying
> that Piotr would have left a female Miles alone, but I think
> it would have been less urgent to him.

Miles was a natural conception just after Cordelia took her implant out. They weren't expecting one that early, and they seem not to know he's male in advance, so he could have about as easily been female. Piotr does say that Cordelia's maternal protectiveness would be more acceptable if it wasn't a future Count Vorkosigan they were talking about. 


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