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>> My "just watched" list for the weekend...
>> _The Matrix_  Yeah, I know, I'm slow.   Speaking as an engineer's
>> daughter, at no point did the physics, biology, economics or ecology
>> make sense.  Of any of the iterations of "reality".  But, of course,
>> that's not what the fable was about, or for.   ...Was this supposed to
>> be a *parody* of the young-male-power-fantasy...?
> I *hated* "The Matrix".  Aside from the fact that Plato first did the 
> "what
> is reality"
> schtick and few people have done it better since, I agree with you. 
> Nothing
> about the movie made
> any sense to me whatsoever.  The male eye candy wasn't even that good, as
> far as my tastes go at least.

I don't think that I've seen it, and am not really interested in doing so... 
I saw the related anime stuff and was totally not appreciative.

There are a lot of things about entertainment that are cohort and experience 
and situationally related as regards appreciation/non-appreciation, and 
connection in positive, negative, or disjunct fashions.

I don't belong to the groups mostly that The Matrix hold 
relevance/attraction for I expect.

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