[LMB] Cordelia, was Fathers/daughters in SF now OT:

Marilyn Traber mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 27 19:17:51 BST 2009

Alex Haropulos wrote:
> Marilyn Traber wrote:
>> At the age of 12 I was 
>> acting as his hostess, and organizing banquets and meetings. 
> Wow. I'd like to hear the backstory on that!
Traditional stuffy old american family, been here since the 1600s. heavy 
into 'doing the proper things' one of which is getting involved in ones 
local state and occasionally national politics. the nobless oblige 
garbage. Mom couldn't be arsed to do it, she was iowa amish farm girl 
and really didn't have the background or inclination to do something I 
had been being groomed to do and she was busy with her own stuff. I got 
co-opted. I have the memory for details, and was amenable.

Really, organizing banquets is simple, very 'laundry list' if done 
properly. Why these freaking bridezillas cant organize a 300 person 
wedding is beyond me, I was organizing Boy Scout 'BoyPower' banquets for 
a thousand sprogs, parents and guests at 12, including one with Buzz 
Aldren as the keynote speaker.

I regularly get co-opted to be the wedding enforcer for friends. I make 
sure that the plans go off impeccably. It just takes a whim of steel =)

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