[LMB] LQ #60: story arcs (Tues. April 28th, 2009)

Stacey Hill stacey at xtra.co.nz
Wed Apr 29 07:57:05 BST 2009

*snip intro*

 why is it Bel and not Elli Quin who is Miles' parallel
character in Diplomatic Immunity. Etc)

Im going to have a stab at this one - this is because the whole Miles/Bel situation was never fully resolved, Bel stuffed up in MD and was fired and left. Whereas Miles/Elli had been resolved, he asked/she declined (rinse wash repeat as needed) until she finally said no for good.

And I think it was good for Miles to see Bel in a nonthreatening way as a sexual creature - nonthreatening to Miles that is - and also for Bel to see Miles with his finally acquired perfect Barrayan woman.  I suspect one of the reasons Miles never took Bel up on its offers was because he was afraid they might fit too well, and he just *knew* that would not go down at all well  (imagine the wedding on good old Barrayar LOLOL)

Doesnt Bel turn up in Winterfair Gifts story and Ivan is fascinated?


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