[LMB] OT: CPAP Masks (WAS OT: Gregor's Hairs)

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Sat Aug 1 19:09:34 BST 2009

> they've also mentioned that
> another option is some sort of moulded mouth insert (sounds a bit like a
> mouth-guard such as you wear in sports) which moves the jaw into a 
> position
> which keeps the airway nicely open.  Anyone know anything about this?
> Opinions? That last bit's probably unnecessary - if there's one thing you
> can be sure to get on this list it's opinions! Grin.

Speaking as someone whose hobby horse is TMD (temporomandibular joint 
disorder), brought on by childhood braces and a hamhanded removal of my 
wisdom teeth at eighteen (I was predisposed, but these things were what made 
it actually happen), be extremely dubious of *anything* that will mess with 
your daughter's jaw joint and/or bite, whether temporarily or permanently.

Breathing well is a wonderful thing.  So is being able to chew without pain. 
Or yawn.


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