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> In PoS Ista recites five couplets cursing each
> of the five gods in turn.  I know the text is not
> in canon, but does anyone happen to have a copy,
> or want to produce one?

Okay, keep in mind this was whipped up in ten minutes, but I think it scans (I never did get feet), it's couplets and I think it fits.  I took the approach that this is the sort of thing kids would chant at each other in the schoolyard (because adults don't tend to be sacreligious in AABB - once you hit high school, it's prose or iambic pentameter) that sticks in the head as schoolyard chants do.

Father of Justice, cleaving truth from lie
Towards me how blinded is Thy eye!

Mother of Healing, shield from strife
Yet Thou wilt not shield from crippled life.

Sister of Learning and Wisdom and Spring
Why wilt Thou not from us all fools fling?

Brother of Courage who leads the way 
Why dost Thou permit cowards their sway?

Bastard of Change and the blighted chance
How deeply I hate Thy gloating dance.

Yes, Five Gods, with all my heart I pray
That You shall not look upon me this day.


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