[LMB] Long-Haul Trains OT:

Karen L. Black karen at plamondon.com
Mon Aug 3 21:46:11 BST 2009

Jeff Schulz writes:

> I did that - the only problem being that on the Superliner I cars you have
to hunt down the electrical outlets in order to charge the thing back up. I
understand that Superliner II cars have outlets next to the seats now.

We take the Coast Starlight from Portland, and finding outlets for our
laptops can be a challenge. There is one in the Observation car, and more in
the "arcade room" (formerly the Kiddie Car). According to Amtrak's website:

...First Class and Business Class seats and sleepers have standard 110-volt
electrical power outlets available to supply power for electronic devices.
Very few outlets are available, however, at Coach Class seats. 

Karen Black

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