[LMB] Long-Haul Trains (WAS OT: Modes of Parental Address)

Peter Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Wed Aug 5 18:49:57 BST 2009

At 07:12 PM 8/4/2009, Judy R Johnson wrote:
>> >
>> > >>Did you know that you can actually own your own pullman car and pay 
>> > >>rail companies to haul it around for you?
>> > >>
>> > >>*sigh* I just wish I had the cash for luxury like that ...
>> > >
>> > > If you had that kind of cash, you'd also have the money to buy a 
>> > jet and make a coast-to-coast trip in 6 hours, instead of 3 days, and 
>> > do it on your schedule, not the railroad's.
>> >
>> > That's not the point.  The point isn't speed, it's luxury and
>> > leisurely watching the scenery and overall coolness.  Kind of like a
>> > private cruise ship, but on land. 
>> EXACTLY.  The romance of the rails ...
>> There's no romance on airplanes.
>NEW - JRJ> Not sure about romance, but for that money, I'd have a luxurious 
>5th Wheel trailer with a hired driver of the pickup that pulls it.  You 
>could have air conditoned comfort (onboard generator), shower, kitchen, 
>bed(s), satellite TV and surround-sound system, wi-fi, and all.  This would 
>be better than an all-in-one motorcoach, imho, because you wouldn't have to 
>converse with the driver unless you wanted to, by cellphone or 
>walkie-talkie.  Also, when you get somewhere, you can unhook the trailer 
>and drive around (or be driven) in the pickup.  Also, this setup is much 
>more flexible for cornering and parking than a big bus-sized motorome.  
>I've never understood why rich people didn't do this instead of chauffeured 
>limos - appearances, I guess.  
>"Driver, pick me up at the office at 04h15, please.  I'll be dining at the 
>Golf Club and then going to the yacht; let the crew know to expect me about 
>11pm.  You can have the weekend off, but meet me and my spouse at the 
>dockside Monday at 10am with the rig clean, supplied and serviced for a 
>two-week trip to the Appalachians.  Thank you.  ...Oh, yes, on your way, 
>please pick up the dry cleaning and put it in the trailer closet for me."

It's illegal to carry passengers in trailers in many states--that's one of the reasons custom buses and RVs are so popular instead.  

Regards, Pete
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